Mantel Projects

March 23, 2008

Here are a few samples of my work that I have done in other homes. The effects you can get with distressed wood are virutally limitless. These are just a few examples of how this might look in your home.

Mantel 2

Mantel 3

HGTV shows off distressed mantels in their Dream Home 2006

March 14, 2008

In 2007 HGTV went to the seaside and eventhough it is 2 years past: in 2006 HGTV showed how a luxurious and cozy log cabin is done: Rustic yet sophisticated, close to nature yet without losing the comfort of a modern home. HGTV had gone to North Carolina and picked out a prime spot for their feature home. The house is 2 years old and still up to date because of a timeless design.

In the living room of the 2006 Dream Home, pale gold walls, a massive stacked stone fireplace, intricate bark and twig detailing on built-in book cases and a soaring ceiling (topped with a magnificent beam of ancient heart pine) all combine to create the sense that you’re in a very special haven. The huge fireplace gives this big lofty space dimension as well as a focal point It’s a retreat that’s inextricably bound up with the natural world, seen through the huge windows that frame an incredible view of mountains and Lake Lure off in the distance.

A soaring Sanctuary….for this wonderful, rustic design contact me or go to my website

source: HGTV Dream house

The Camper Series

March 8, 2008

I have a week to think of what to write as the ‘cabin’ which is really a camper has no computer. Or running water, and at least a dozen times this year me and a gallon of water have froze. Anyway…

I have titled the series of mantles that I am currently crafting as the “Camper Series”. The best news of all of this is I can fit a 6 foot 8×12 in the pop up camper with me. Good company, doesn’t complain. This allows me to work on the mantle in close quarters with where I sleep. There is ample time to connect with what I see in this mantle and I like waking and seeing my thoughts and spirit engraved the night before.

I will continue the ‘Camper Series’ as long as I stay in the camper, sort of a comemaritive. I will probably finish the first one this week. C.S. # 1 as it will be engraved will be the bait that resides in the back of my truck. Try that with your scrollsaw patterns. It will be stained and show ready but as you can imagine, getting banged around in the back of the truck don’t hurt. This way, when a customer calls it is much easier to show what it feels like. Keep that in mind those who are really curious.

I will also be placing an ad in “Hills and Hamlets” a local Leipers Fork magazine so if your in that part of Tennessee in April you can pick one up, it’s a classy little publication. I have resized the photos for easier website vewing, let me know if it is still slow. Keep those orders comming. If your building, the early stages offer the best flexibility of product. But if your almost done I can usually accompany your style.

Distressed beams look great in a ceiling above a fireplace. I can easily create a package of distressed beams and a mantle. They will balance and reflect each other well and it is a rare opportunity indeed to have this kind of custom art embedded into your house. Also truss fabrication, braces, and grill station headers are available.

Thats the story for this week tune in again next week, I think I’ll begin explaining my Grandfather. Keep carving it out.


Greetings, my name is Quentin Haynie and I am Distressed Creations

March 1, 2008

ShopI make furniture, fireplace mantles, ditressed beams for timber framing, and toys. All of my products are as much art as function and though they may share characteristics, each distressed creation is an original. Well now enough with the movie trailer rhetoric. Lets talk about distressing. Have you ever been beach combing picked up some drift wood and wondered aloud, “how did nature make this.” I have no idea! But if imitation is the best form of flattery then Mother Nature,,, is flattered. The techniques used are basic, just a few carving tools, a mallet, and a boatbuilders slick.

It is the ‘reason’ that makes this art. Ah, the reason. The reason is a piece of wood, a span of time, flowing water, and old world hewing. Given those variables what is the reason for the look of a naturally distressed piece of wood. Why did grain raise in one area and disappear in others. What were the stressors that caused deep gouges and tiny cracks. Who knows? Questions better left to the scientific process.

For three years I have been studying the results of time and tide.For three years, I have learned to imitate the results of time and tide. The best compliment I get is “Hey, why are you trying to sell some old piece of wood?”

I assure you that photos don’t tell the whole story. Seeing, feeling, and experiencing are the path to enlightenment. So check out the photos, go to the website, and find for yourself the piece that fits.

Sincerely, Q…

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